Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blacksmiths Journal, Smithy Construction

A couple of things to comment on today.

Firstly, I have been referred to a publication called the Blacksmiths Journal. Their website is, unsurprisingly, I've signed up for their yearly subscription, which is $40US per year. They now distribute only via PDF* file - no paper copies anymore. This is fine with me, as I was able to score some back issues (at $4 each) instantly. I can print them out if I really feel like it. The Journal has articles on a number of various blacksmithing skills, from welding how-to-do to layout design and more. After I read a few old and current issues I will give you my impressions. *PDFs are files in Adobe Acrobat format. The official Acrobat Reader is free, and cn be downloaded from Adobe. Alternative, also-free readers can be googled.

Secondly - the Smithy. The Smithy is the shop itself, not the blacksmith, as I had thought before getting involved. I am really torn on how to proceed with building my smithy. I have seen cheap metal sheds and expensive prebuilt wood structures. On the one hand, metal is quick and easy. On the downside... snow tends to cave them in, and frankly... ugly. I need to figure out what I am going to do quickly - the snow here is melting and I am getting antsy. *sigh* Maybe I will just make my own stickbuilt, rather than a prebuilt. Decisions, decisions...

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